HSC-1400B Servo Precision High Speed Sheet Cutter


Servo Precision High Speed Sheet Cutter
Reference weight of cutting-paper : 50-550g; Model of cutting paper: The up knife cut reciprocally and the down knife is fixed; Cutting accuracy: The cutting length is below 1000mm; Gross weight: 11,000kgs/13,000kgs; Total power: 33kw; Power consumption: AC380V/220v×50HZ; Maximum cutting speed: 300cuts/min; Maximum cutting meter speed: 300m/min; Cutting length range: 450~1450mm; Paper-piling height: 1200mm; Maximum scroll diameter: 1800mm (71”)Max; Maximum paper-cutting width: 1100/1400mm/1700mm; The format of slitting: 2sheet; The request for air compressor: Max.5.5kg/cm2×5m3/min;

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